How we accept cases

How the Law Offices of Skip Simpson Accepts Cases

Most licensed mental health professionals are poorly trained - if trained at all - in the detection, assessment, management and treatment of suicidal persons. As a consequence of this lack of competence thousands of preventable deaths occur annually.

Our firm reviews approximately 50 suicide cases every year. We only select a few cases to prosecute. Our selection process ensures we accept only those cases where the facts show a psychiatric hospital or mental health clinician's conduct has significantly fallen below the standard of care.

We will not take a case unless we think the lawsuit will significantly help the family survivors and make communities safer from needless dangerous actions or omissions of the targeted psychiatric hospital or mental health clinician.

We carefully assess cases

In assessing suicide malpractice cases, we obtain all of the relevant medical records. We conduct extensive interviews of family members and friends who have information that will help in our decision to take your case.

If we believe the case has exceptional merit, we then have it evaluated by top national experts in the relevant fields, typically psychiatry, psychology, psychopharmacology, or neurology. If, at this stage, we decide to pursue the case, we will explain to you the reasons for our decision and the deficiencies we have identified in the care provided.

We will also explain the process of civil litigation, what to expect and what not to expect. We want our clients to be as informed and passionate about the case as we are, to take an active role in prosecuting the lawsuit, and to contact us whenever they have questions, suggestions, or concerns. We're here to work with you. We're on your side.

Contact an attorney today to learn more

For a free consultation, call 214-618-8222 or contact us online. We are dedicated to helping families in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois and other states throughout the country. With our law firm on your side, you can help us demand accountability and ensure community safety by protecting individuals at risk for suicide.

We realize your case is about more than just money, although money damages is the only remedy a jury can give. It's about justice, about holding psychiatric hospitals and mental health clinicians accountable for below standard actions.

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