Improper Diagnosis

A wrong diagnosis can have tragic consequences

The right mental health treatment begins with making the right diagnosis. Decades of mental health research have established effective treatments for disorders which would otherwise be crippling. Knowing the patient's proper diagnosis is the first step in ensuring that the patient gets the proper care. For example high anxiety is a near-term indicator for suicide. Proper diagnosis and treatment of anxiety can prevent suicide.

Unfortunately, patients sometimes do receive an improper diagnosis, which can be devastating. The failure to diagnose a patient with a discernible disorder, or ascribing a wrong diagnosis to the patient, is negligence.

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Expectations and the mental health profession

Psychiatric diagnosis requires an attention to detail. Not only is the mental health professional expected to inquire about the current, presenting problems that the patient is experiencing, he or she must also conduct a thorough inquiry of the patient's psychiatric history. In many cases, the mental health professional is expected to contact family members and friends, to obtain additional information. When the provider is a physician, a complete physical, along with an inquiry into the patient's medical history, is essential to ruling out organic, non-psychiatric causes of the patient's problems.

Most psychiatric disorders have devastating effects. When a mental health professional fails to diagnose serious disorders, such as Major Depression, Bipolar Disorder, or Schizophrenia, the unfortunate result may be the suicide of the patient. At a minimum, the patient will experience psychological and physical pain, which could have been avoided through proper treatment.

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